About the Gazette

The Official Gazette is the official publication of the Government of Anguilla. It is published every last work day of each month, and Extraordinary editions are published as necessary on other days. It is printed by the House of Assembly, a unit of H E the  Governor's Office.
Certain types of information are routinely published in the Official Gazette. These include:

    • Notices related to Sittings of the Court
    • Notices required by the Constitution
    • Appointments to Official Boards and Commissions
    • Work Permit Exemption Notices
    • Public Service Appointments and related matters
    • Appointments of Marriage Officers
    • Job Vacancy Notices
    • Election Notices
    • Liquidation Notices
    • Trademark Notices
    • Commercial Notices
    • Legal Notices
    • And many more

Official publications and documents are also routinely circulated with the Official Gazette. These often include:

    • Bills
    • Acts
    • Statutory Instruments
    • Imperial Legislation
    • Deportation Orders
    • And others


Gazette Vol. 46 No. 8

August 31st, 2016

Gazette Vol. 43 No. 19

August 30th, 2016

Gazette Vol. 43 No. 18

August 15th, 2016

Gazette Vol. 46 No. 7

July 29th, 2016