You may subscribe to the Official Gazette. Rates are as follow:

Annual Electronic Subscription



USD $130.20


Fee for individual copies of the Official Gazette

Document Format


Hard Copy


USD $8.00
How to Pay

Currently payments cannot be made online. You may purchase your Gazette subscription by paying cash directly to the Department of Inland Revenue and presenting your paid receipt to the Clerk of the House of Assembly.

Alternatively, you may pay for your Gazette subscription by credit card. Payments should be made to the Government of Anguilla and can be sent directly to the Clerk of the House of Assembly. Please send the payment along with the form indicating the appropriate subscription to:
Official Gazette
c/o House of Assembly
P.O. Box 60
The Valley
British West Indies

Additional Information

In the event that there is a problem with an electronic subscription purchased or provided through this website, please contact us as soon as possible. Should your subscription be unavailable for more than one week following the date that you notify us of the problem, your subscription will be extended by the appropriate period of time.

The normal enrollment period for printed Gazette subscriptions is December. This is the period when you should renew your print subscription to ensure continued delivery of your subscription. Should you enroll outside the normal enrollment period, you will be provided with all back-issues beginning with the first issue of January for the year in which you purchased your subscription.